CAD Services Oakville

CAD Services Oakville

Mechanitec Design serves companies in Oakville with it’s cad services including custom mechanical design, drawings creation and other related services.

We serve wide range of industries in Oakville, including industrial suppliers and manufacturers of various products, cnc shops, sheet-metal and metalworking businesses.

Here are some of the services we offer for our Oakville clients:

  • If your internal engineering team is busy, and you need someone to create drawings based on 3D models of parts and assemblies that you already have, Mechanitec Design can provide that cad service. We will use or recreate the same drawing templates with dimensioning standards that you already use and implement them in the drawings we do. That way, all your drawings are gonna look the same and you can seamlessly use them in your manufacturing or outsourcing production. 
  • You may have the opposite problem, which is that you only have available some old drawings in .pdf or .dwg format and need to create 3D models based on these drawings. Mechanitec Design can help with that problem and we can accurately create 3D models of parts and assemblies based on the provided drawings. If the parts needed are sheet metal parts, we can also create flat-patterns by implementing k-factor and sheet thicknesses that you use in your production and manufacturing. Even if the sheet thicknesses in drawings are different that the sheet thicknesses you customarily use, we can adjust them so the material used is exactly like the ones you are using for those types of parts.
  • Sometimes, Oakville clients may need custom mechanical design and we can help with that also. We have a combined many decades of experience in various industries and know how to implement best design practices. We will try to create the product design by using minimum number of parts to reduce the cost to manufacture the product. We can design the parts so that they can be manufactured on the machines you already have in your shop and with processes you are already using. In addition, if we are designing an assembly, we will make it more easy to assemble by using design for assembly principles. To finish the documentation, we will be using the same drawing headers and drawing standards that you use. Your outsourced drawings from us will look exactly the same like the one you already have. In addition, our drawings are clearly laid out, completely and properly dimensioned.
  • Creating drawings based on provided sketches. If you have a sketch and you need a technical drawing of that part or assembly, we can do that job for you. We will create a proper technical drawing out of the provided sketch with all needed dimensions and views for a complete part understanding and applicable notes needed for manufacturing the parts. We will also include any additional notes related to the part or product that you may wish to include in the 2D drawing.


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