CAD Services Brampton

CAD Services Brampton

Mechanitec Design serves Brampton area with our cad design and drafting services which include custom product design, drafting, shop drawings creation, file conversions, creating flat-patterns for sheet-metal parts .etc

We offer a range of services for our clients based in Brampton. Here are some of the services we offer:

If you have a 3D models available for the parts or assemblies that you need to create 2D technical, or shop drawings for, we can create these types of drawings for your company. We can create these drawings by using your company logo and drawing templates so the drawings will look exactly the same as the other drawing you already have in the company. We will also you same font type and font size and same style of dimensioning and notes creation. Technical drawings created by us will seamlessly fit and integrate into your regular workflow and companies usual way of communicating technical information. 

On the other hand, if you have some old drawings only available in paper form or in digital format like .pdf or .dwg or .dxf, we can created 3D models from those older paper and cad documents. Along with 3D models, if requested by our Brampton city clients, we can recreate drawings based on the newly created 3D models. If requested we can during this procedure change the look of the drawing to match company logo, drawing template, font type, font size and other shop drawing elements to bring them up to date to the current company drawings standards.

Some companies from Brampton may need custom mechanical design for a project which usually involves sketching a concept of the product, 3D design of parts and assemblies as well as creating 2D cad drawings and also providing flat-patterns of the sheetmetal parts if those kind of parts were used in the design.

During every step of the process we keep our clients updated and clients have regular opportunity to review the work in progress so we are always on the same page as to how the design of the product design should proceed. While designing a new product or a part we will incorporate best manufacturing and design practices, design for manufacturing, design for assembly and also customize the part design based on the available machining and manufacturing capabilities of our clients. That way we make sure you will get not only good design but the final part or product that you can reliable manufacture with quality and efficiency.

3D rendering services – in case you need a 3D render of a part or an assembly we also provide this service. We can make you a great looking 3D render which you can use in your product brochures or show to your clients how the final product will look when manufactured. Also, you will be able to use it in your marketing and ad campaigns.

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