CAD Services Burlington

CAD Services Burlington

Mechanitec Design offers it’s services in Burlington, Ontario to industrial and manufacturing companies that have a need for cad services.

With our mechanical design experience we provide 3D modeling, 2D drafting and other services to our clients. We apply design for manufacturing and design for assembly principles to make our clients products better. With many years of experience we are providing our clients quality built into the design itself and thrive to make all products better and more cost effective to manufacture assemble and operate at the same time.

Here is a sample of the cad services we provide for our Burlington company clients:

  • Creating shop drawings based on provided 3D models.
  • Creating assembly drawings from provided 3D assemblies.
  • Creating 3D models based on existing 2D drawings, weather they are in paper form or in digital form.
  • Custom product design based on provided sketches and design guidelines.
  • Custom product design from scratch based on instruction for a needed product and relevant design criteria and limitations.
  • Converting .pdf drawings into .dwg drawings.
  • Transferring sketches into 2D drawings in digital format.
  • Reverse engineering of a product based on a physical sample or where possible from a .pdf drawing.
  • Creating user guides for your products.
  • Creating assembly instructions for the products.
  • Making technical reports.
  •  Creating 3D rendering pictures of your parts or products.


For any 2D technical or shop drawing that we create for your company in Burlington, we can use the drawing template standards that you have set-up for you company. This way, all the drawings done by us will look exactly the same as your standard drawings. We can also use the same font type, font size and use the same style of additional drawing notes to make these drawings seamlessly integrate into your standardized company workflow. 

For assembly drawings, as is customary in the industry, we will create bill of materials tables with all used parts listed. Moreover, we can customize the bill of material table fields so they match the ones you use in your company. 

In case you are an inventor and don’t have any drawing templates, part numbering system developed, that you want to use. We got you covered with that also. We can give you customized or one of the standard already developed templates and use appropriate part numbering system which will work great for your needs and which you can retain all the way future product manufacturing and even future product line development. In essence, we can provide you with a well thought-out drawing layouts and part numbering systems which will serve you well into the future.

When doing custom product design we will apply best practices from design for manufacturing and design for assembly principles to make your products better.

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