CAD Services Toronto

CAD Services Toronto


Mechanitec Design works hard to serve Toronto area with top quality mechanical design cad work. We help companies in Toronto from different industrial backgrounds, including industrial suppliers and manufacturers, metalworking shops or producers of various retail products.

Our vast experience in custom mechanical design, drafting, cad file conversion and other related services help our clients finish their work in a quality and efficient manner.

We are located in a driving distance from companies in Toronto city and can visit them on their location if required for the project. 

In our designs, we incorporate our manufacturing know how, always striving to make our clients products more easy to manufacture, assemble and package. We follow good engineering and design practices, DFA (design for assembly) for example, where we reduce number of parts as much as possible for manufacturing cost savings.

Any Toronto company will find us a reliable and quality oriented partner for their cad design services needs.

2D CAD design services are just one of the services we offer. We can transfer your old scanned drawings or drawings from .pdf documents to AutoCad .dwg and .dxf formats. For sheet-metal parts we can create flat-patterns in .dxf format.

Designing directly in 2D CAD format is also part of our repertoire. In addition we can convert from 2D to 3D format from your old documentation or sketches. Besides providing 3D design services in Toronto we also do 3D rendering of your models or 3D models we designed for you.

In addition, we can design parts for 3D printing for your prototyping and production needs. 

If you need 3D visualization services we can create 3D models of your ideas or products to use in your presentations or pamphlets.

If you have some .pdf drawings that you need to convert to AutoCad format or wish to redo them in your companies drawing template, we also provide that service. We will use your company logo, and use or recreate your company drawing template and use the same font and type of notes you usually use in your other drawings. In that way, the drawings we create for you will be completely the same in style and information layout as your other drawings.

One other service that is available to Toronto clients is creating shop drawings according to provided sketches. We will take the sketches you have made yourself or by somebody else and make them into proper technical drawings, along with drawing header, logo and detailed dimensioning and geometrical tolerancing where required. In this way, you will be able to forward that part, or assembly, to manufacturing and have it made according to desired specifications.

Toronto companies can also request creating user guides, assembly instructions or technical reports. Based on your product specifications and design we can create a user guide to help your customers/clients understand how the product is assembled and used according to the intention built into it’s design. This document will clearly describe to customers/clients how to properly use and operate your products.

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