CAD Services Markham

CAD Services Markham

Mechanitec Design provides cad services in Markham city to manufacturing and industrial companies. We have a lot of experience in custom mechanical design and will incorporate best manufacturing know-how in all our designs.

Markham companies will find a reliable partner in Mechanitec Design for all of their cad services needs.

Here are some of the cad services we offer:

  • Creating shop drawings based on the provided 3D models. If you have parts designed already and just need someone to create 2D technical drawings out of them, we can help you with that. We will use the same drawing template standards that you are using in the company so the created drawings will be indistinguishable from your other drawings. All the custom notes you may be putting in the drawings will be included also in the drawings we create. 
  • Creating assembly drawings for products or subassemblies. We can take the 3D models you made and create the drawings out of them with bill of material tables attached. For these drawings we can also use the drawing template standards of your company, font type, font size and part numbering system you use. 
  • Creating 3D models from old 2D drawings. If you have old drawings that you need in 3D form we can create 3D models for these parts. 3D models will be created using the best 3D design practices. If required we can also recreate the drawings based on the newly created 3D models using the drawing template standards of your company.
  • Custom product design. If you need custom product design we can help with that also. We have lots of experience designing custom products and can incorporate best design practices in our designs. We strive to make products cheaper to manufacture by using the least possible number of parts in the design. Also, we make parts easier to manufacture by designing specifically for the machines you have available and also for the tools you have available in your shop or the shop where you outsource your parts production. In addition, for assemblies, we will optimize for ease of assembly by using design for assembly principles. Throughout the whole custom design process we will make sure you will get not only good looking design and clear and accurate drawings, but that any parts or products you manufacture from our designs will be cost efficient and have quality built right into the design itself.
  • For Markham clients, we offer also 3D rendering services. We can create 3D rendered pictures from your parts and assemblies that will look much better than screenshots from 3D software. You will be able to use these pictures in your promotional material as well as to use them on your website and marketing campains.

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