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We offer a range of CAD mechanical design services that you can use to outsource drafting and design work to help you finish your projects faster, bring legacy drawings and designs to the current CAD software system used or distribute some of the design work when you are overloaded with new projects.

We are a Canadian company and our services are primarily oriented to serve Canadian market.

About Mechanitec Design CAD Services

Every one of our cad designers has 10+ years of experience in cad design (3D modeling and shop drawings), 3D printing, including working in the manufacturing environment and industrial design. Our design team can bring our vast product design knowledge into your 3D CAD project needs.

CAD design services that we offer will speed up your projects and relieve you of the extra workload.

2D drafting and mechanical shop drawings creation is our strong suit and we can help you with your legacy blueprints updating to new design software. Drawing layouts can be customized to your project requirements.

Our CAD experts can even do reverse engineering of the products based on old pdf drawings (if the documentation has been lost).

In addition to that we can also manage conversion services from one cad format to another.

As a company based in Canada we strive to provide excellence in all the projects we work on. We also strive to be recognized for our excellent customer service.

We work with our clients on a per project basis but also work on maintaining long term business relationships.


Municipalities we work with and where most of our clients come from: Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Oakville, Burlington.

CAD drafting services - 2D Technical Drawings based on the provided 3D models

If you have 3D models in any computer format and you need technical drawings created based on them, you can use our services to provide you with .pdf,  .dwg, .dxf or other types of files you need.

Creating 3D CAD models and technical drawings based on the legacy CAD drawings

If you have old AutoCad drawings or only .pdf drawings of the parts and assemblies, we can create 3D models of the parts and corresponding technical drawings based on the provided files.

Product design services based on the client requirements

If you need a product developed based on the description, sketches, functional parameters, and limitations, our team of experienced mechanical designers will provide you with a ready to manufacture documentation for your product. That includes all 3D models and drawings created in CAD software as well as .pdf printouts and .dxf flat patterns for sheet metal parts if required. The scope of the work will be 100% customizable by you.

3d rendering cad services

3D rendering services

We can render your products so they look awesome for a product brochures or to show them to your clients.

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