CAD Services Mississauga

CAD Services Mississauga

If you are looking for expert drafting and mechanical design services in Mississauga, Mechanitec Design is your solution. We have decades of experience between our designers and our work guarantees quality drawings and 3D design.

Whether you need custom mechanical design, 2D drawings, renderings, file conversions or any other cad service – our team of design experts will make that process as simple as possible.

Our cad drawing and 3D modeling services in Mississauga/Peel Region include 3D modelling, 2D shop drawings creation, exported .dwg and .dxf files for sheet-metal parts, .pdf drawings and many other possible outputs of CAD work.

Whatever you need, we have you back from conception phase to final drawings execution. Moreover, our CAD design work follows all the best industry and 3D modelling practices and all the drawings are done by paying attention to details and having best outcome for our clients in mind.

Here are some of the services we offer to our Mississauga clients:

  • Creating shop drawings according to the 3D modelled parts and assemblies. If you have models of 3D parts, we can use that information to create 2D drawings and dimension them. We can use your company drawing templates and drawing style, including font and notes, so that the drawings we create for you look the same as your existing drawings. If you need an assembly drawing, we will add bill of materials table that lists all the components used in the product. If you part is a sheet-metal we can create the flat-patterns for these parts by using the k-factors and radii that you usually use for a particular material and sheet thickness used in the part. That way, the 2D drawing we create for you can be used as usual in your manufacturing environment with the same machines and tools you already use and with the same output after bending that you usually get with your parts.
  • In opposite case, if you have some old drawings, both in paper and digital format, that you would like to convert to 3D model/s, we can help with that also. We will use provided information from the old drawing to design from scratch a 3D model of your part with all the features present in the original drawing. It is also possible for us to update the drawing, with your request and approval, by fixing some errors if they exist in old drawings, as well as, add additional features that were missing, like rounded corners, missing dimensions, .etc
  • Often, our Mississauga clients, request a custom mechanical design of the product. Weather it is based on the pre-existing sketch or just according to specifications and similar products, we can create the concept drawing that you can approve and based on that we can create a design for the required product. We pay attention to detail and will make sure all of your design requirements are met in our design as well as all limitations regarding the design. We will constantly keep you in the loop regarding the progress of the design and you will have a chance to review and approve the changes and proposals before they are implemented in the design. This will make sure that you will receive the final design that meets you needs regarding functionality, manufacturability, ease of assembly and other relevant criteria that might be part of the design process on a case by case basis.

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