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How to use circular pattern in SolidWorks?

A pattern is a tool in CAD that makes the task easier and faster. In SolidWorks, there are two types of patterns SolidWorks i.e., linear pattern and circular pattern. The circular pattern is a tool to copy single or multiple entities in a circle with respect to a chosen point. It makes the process short and fast. A circular pattern is a sketch tool as well as a SolidWorks feature.

This article will look into the steps needed to execute a circular pattern.

We are going to look into the steps to use the circular pattern feature and they are as follows:

  1. Select the feature to copy.
  2. Click on the linear pattern drop-down.
  3. Then select the “circular pattern” option.
  4. Select the direction by edges.
  5. You can easily see the preview of the pattern.
  6. Now Click on Ok to complete the action.
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Steps to use circular pattern sketch tool.

  1. Click on linear pattern drop-down in the sketch tool panel.
  2. Then select circular pattern.
  3. Select the entities and number of copies.
  4. As soon as you check the preview and click ok.

In both the above steps the pattern is made in same manner but process is different. Also for both options in property manager is also different. You can choose any of the method can be used depending upon your prefrence.