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Undo and redo are part and parcel features of any software. While working on SolidWorks there might be a possibility of you making mistakes while sketching, or performing any other task. We all know that CAD modeling is an iterative process hence tools like redo and undo save time. Redo allows users to repeat the process that they have undone during the process. In this article, we will look into the steps needed to perform these two operations in SolidWorks.

First, we will look into steps for using the “Undo” option:

In SolidWorks, you can find undo button at the top left corner  as shown below.

In this, by simply clicking on the button we can undo the last performed operation. You can also simply use the conventional shortcut key “CTRL+Z “.

For Redo the steps are as follows:

Click on the redo button beside the undo buttontool_Redo_Standard.gif.

If in case the button is missing in your standard toolbar follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the “Edit” dropdown.
  2. Now open the drop-down and select the 2nd option.

Undo and Redo are very simple process to perform in SolidWorks.

Tips: Use conventional shortcut key i.e., CTRL+ Z and CTRL+Y for undo and redo option respectively. It is an easy simple and faster way to complete the process. 

Note: To check the history of the operations performed click on the drop-down.