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While working on complex shapes or large assemblies sometimes the part of the subassembly creates a barrier while working in close areas. In order to see the area or the part where you have to make changes, you need to either hide the part or delete it. We know hiding the part or subassembly is not an option because sometimes you need to look for the clearances as well.

Solidworks have a feature or command using which we can change the transparency of the objects or face or particular subassembly. Hiding, an object, or assembly is not a good option. Changing the transparency of the object or part is available in both part designing and assembly designing. Now, the user has the flexibility to switch between the transparency mode and the normal mode. As using this command saves time and gives an advantage in CAD modeling. Now we are going to see how to use this command or feature in both part modeling and assembly designing.

Changing Transparency in Part Designing


In part of designing or modeling you can change the transparency of the selected face or surface. If you select the transparency option from the feature tree or design tree then that particular body as a whole will get transparent. In order to use the Transparency feature Select the surface or face and Right Click on it. In options, you will have one option of Change Transparency, Click on it. The surface or face will get transparent.

In the case of using transparency from the feature tree or design tree. Go to the Design tree Right Click on the model and Select Change transparency. The model will get transparent. The best thing about this is the model or face or surface is not completely transparent. We can still see the object with edges.


Changing Transparency in Assembly Designing

Just like we use the Change Transparency command or feature in part modeling we use the same way in Assembly modeling. In this select the part or subassembly and Right-Click on it and select the Change Transparency icon. The part or Subassembly will get transparent.

Using the “Change Transparency” command or feature from the Assembly design tree is also the same. Just select the part or assembly, Right Click on it and Click on Change Transparency.

Undo Transparency

Just like we applied the Change transparency feature, we can undo that as well. Right Click on the part, Surface, Model, or Subassembly, and Click on Highlighted Change transparency again.