Home » How to create and edit a linear sketch pattern in SolidWorks?

When modeling in SolidWorks, there is often the need to place multiple instances of the same sketch entity in a single sketch. This tutorial will cover the creation and editing of linear sketch patterns.

Creating a Sketch Pattern

Select the linear sketch pattern button from the CommandManager, as this opens the linear pattern options.

In the Direction 1 options, the direction of the axis can be flipped using the arrow button. Existing geometry can be used instead of an axis by right clicking and selecting delete to remove the X-axis.  To add a new reference, select any existing edge in the model that lies on the X/Y plane.

The linear pattern will require a spacing distance, therefore enter the value in the D1 textbox.  Selecting “Dimension X spacing” will display the D1 value after the linear pattern is applied, otherwise the instances can be moved.  Use the instance count textbox to input the desired number of instances to pattern.  To show the instance count in the sketch select the check box, however this has no effect on the sketch being fully defined.  The next option is for the angle. To create a linear pattern along the X-axis set it to zero, otherwise input a value to create a linear pattern at some angle.  Select the fix X-axis direction option to constrain the pattern axis from being rotated.

To edit Direction 2, first change the instance count to 2, otherwise the options are greyed out. Now, follow the same process for the inputs of Direction 2. Select dimension angle between axis to display the angle in the sketch.

The entities to pattern section lists the entities associated with the linear sketch pattern. Use this box to select all the entities required.

Use the instances to skip option to omit an instance from the pattern.  Select the box and select the instance to skip (e.g. click the middle circle in row 2).

To fully define the sketch, use the four options dimension X/Y spacing, fix X-axis direction and dimension angle between axes. Alternatively, omit these options and add dimensions/relations manually.

Editing a Sketch Pattern

Right click on any instance of the sketch patter and select “Edit Linear Pattern”.  Make any modifications to the parameters listed above and click the green check mark.  Instance (2,2) was removed in the image below.