Home » How to change planes of a sketch in SolidWorks?

Changes are common when working in a design environment. In the event that a sketch needs to be moved to another plane or face, follow the instructions that follow. This tutorial will cover two different methods.

Depending on the location of the new plane/face, reference geometry from “Convert Entities” may be broken.

Example: Original Part

Sketch Plane

Right click the desired sketch and select “Edit Sketch Plane”. A window will appear allowing the user to select a new plane/face reference, click the desired face/plane.  In the following example the sketch contains a converted entity (left edge of the extrude), and will be moved to the top face of the extrude.  The converted entity reference will be broken, as the two planes are perpendicular to each other.

In this situation, delete the previous edge reference and create a new one using the top left edge.  Proceed to move/rotate the sketch as required and finish by fully defining the sketch.

Drag Sketch onto New Plane

Click on the sketch and drag it to the model face/plane you want to move it to.  A message will  appear stating external references exist; they can either be kept or deleted. The option to “delete” simply changes the referenced edge to a standard line.

Again, delete any unnecessary entities, move/rotate as required and fully define the sketch