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Welcome to the tutorial on how to make a cone in SolidWorks.  This post will cover the process of making a cone using an extrude, revolve and lofted base.



  1. Create a sketch of a circle on the top plane. Set the circle to a diameter of 100mm.
  2. Select the extrude from the features tab of the CommandManager and select the sketch from step 1.
  3. In the extrude options use the following settings: End condition as blind, Legth 186.6mm.
  4. Before exiting the extrude command, click once on the draft on/of button and set the angle to 15°.
  5. Click the green check mark to complete the extrude.

As a result of using the draft option, the output of the extrude operation will be a cone.


Another option is to use the revolve feature.

  1. Create a sketch of a right angle triangle constrained to the origin. Set the base as 50mm and height as 186.6mm.
  2. Select the revolve button from the features tab of the CommandManager, click on the vertical line to set it as the axis of revolution.  Leave the other options as they are and click the green arrow to complete the command.

Lofted Base

A third option is to create a lofted base.  Loft from a circular profile on one plane, to a point on another.

  1. Create a sketch on the top plane of a Ø100mm circle, with the center constrained to the origin.
  2. Offset a plane to 186.6mm from the top plane.
  3. Make a new sketch on the plane that was just created. Place a point at the origin.
  4. Select Lofted Base/Base from the features tab of the CommandManager. Use sketch1 and the point in sketch2 as the profiles.