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There is no need to worry, SolidWorks does not require that each character is sketched out.  This tutorial will cover some options for extruding text in SolidWorks.

The common requirement for both is a sketch that contains text. Begin by creating a new sketch with the text as shown in the screenshot.

Use any size curve to place the text in the bottom text box. Custom properties can be added selecting the button indicated in green. Untick use document font, set the font to Arial 8pt. Use the rotate button, indicated in orange, to rotate individual letter or all letters of a word.  The format for rotation is <r30> text here </r>, the number value indicates the rotation angle of the letter(s).

The alignment options are only available for text along a curve, edge or sketch segment.


Extrude is one of the features that can extrude text.  To do this select the sketch with text and then click the extrude feature from the CommandManager.


The wrap feature is a useful tool as it can emboss, deboss or scribe text. Click the wrap feature on the CommandManager to start the command and use the following options:

  1. Wrap Type – Emboss.  Emboss extrudes text, deboss cuts text and scribe creates an imprint of the sketch contours on the face.
  2. Wrap method – Analytical.
  3. Thickness – 3mm.