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In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a revolved cut using SOLIDWORKS. This feature is available in the Features tan under the CommandManager as shown below in the referenced image. A pre-defined axis is a must to apply this command. You will see why that is important when I further explain with an example. So let’s get started.


Image 1: Revolved Cut CommandManager Navigation


This command is used when you require a profile or sketch to be removed from a part in a circular fashion. That would require a radius to be determined where the pre-defined axis comes into use. Take a look at the example part below.


Image 2: Reference Pulley Design Sldpart



Now, we would like to cut this semi-circular part to create a slot in its upper portion; sort of like a pulley. But in order to do that, we will create a slot sketch on the flat face as follows.

Select the face on which you want to sketch. Now select the Sketch tab and click the Sketch command in the CommandManager.

Image 3: Selection of Face for sketching


You will need to choose a plane to make your sketch. In this case, it is the face which you selected earlier. The interface will automatically shift onto the face once you click sketch. Draw the sketch by carefully dimensioning everything. Define all the dimensions in the sketch. This means that all the lines and dimensions are black in color and not blue. This will help you edit the part in the long run and maintain your part/sketch shape even if you decide to tamper with other command dimensions. Follow this standard practice whenever you make sketches. Exit the sketch by clicking the green tick mark and proceed.


Image 4: Sketch Defining


Revolved Cut:


Now that everything is defined, let’s head over to the Features tab and click the Revolved Cut feature. In the Property Manager, the various parameters and options pop up which you have to assign in order for the command to complete its task. Using Image 1 from before, click the features tab and the revolved cut feature to begin. On your left, you see axis of revolution. Go to the Visibility Checker as shown in the image below and click on the temporary axis box to check it. A blue dotted line will appear in the center of your semi circle showing its axis.

Image 5: Temporary Axis Selection


In the next step, we select the blue axis to be the center of the Axis of Revolution. Select the Blind option to have more control over how many degrees you would like to have revolved cut. Click apply and it will perform the command.


Image 6: Feature Preview


Image 7: Revolved Cut


In the end, the revolved cut feature has a preview. View it for finalaling your option choices and creat cuts with diverse sketches at your will. Thank you for reading this tutorial. Hope to be back soon with another one.