Home » How to flip or mirror a sketch in SolidWorks?

There are two methods for mirroring a sketch in SolidWorks.  The method used will depend on what type of mirror is required.  Use the modify sketch tool if the sketch is in the wrong orientation.  To complete a sketch using symmetry about an axis, use the “Mirror Entities command”.

Modify Sketch


While in an active sketch, select “Tools” – “Sketch Tools” – “Modify…”. On the movable origin, hover over the desired axis to mirror, when the symbol appears right click to flip the sketch.  Sketches can be flipped along both axes simultaneously when hovering over the origin.  There is no need to input any values in this case.

In the event that the origin axes are reversed, use “Tools” – “Sketch Tools” – “Align” – “Align Grid/Origin” to reset them. Select the origin or a point on the sketch as the base point. Use the flip axis buttons to correct their orientation.

Mirror Entities

A sketch can be simplified based symmetry. In the following example the sketch is symmetric about the Y-axis, and as a result only half the sketch needs to be drawn.  Begin by creating the left side of the sketch. Select Mirror Entities from the CommandManager and select the entities to be mirrored. Select the construction line in the mirror about section.  Click the green check mark to complete the command.

If the left side is fully defined, then the entire sketch will be fully defined after the mirror operation.  Use multiple mirror entities commands if there is symmetry between both axes.  Symmetry Axes can be horizontal, vertical or angled.