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How to merge bodies in SolidWorks?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to merge solid bodies in SOLIDWORKS. Combine is the feature which is used to merge multiple bodies in a single file. The boundary condition entails that the two bodies must coincide with each other and have to exist in the same part file. If not, then the feature won’t be applicable.

Firstly, we will need two bodies in the same part file which will be either joined together or mated with each other through a link. For example, take the sldpart as shown below. In the image below, you can see that this is a multipart body with one body featuring the flat head screw and the other comprising the main body supporting and locking the screw. Take a look at the top left where there are two bodies in the black box mentioned in the model tree i.e. Redondeo18 and Redondeo 22. To “combine” both bodies to make them a single part, we can proceed to the next image for navigation of the SOLIDWORKS Menu Bar.

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Image 1: MultiBody Part and Model Tree

Menu Bar:

You must navigate towards the top left of SOLIDWORKS where there is an arrow pointing towards the SOLIDWORKS logo. Once you hover your mouse at that arrow, a menu bar will appear as shown in top of the application. Scroll down and click the “Features” option to open another dropdown menu. The “Combine” feature is located in the latter part of the list. Once you click it, the following options will appear as shown in the image below.

Image 2: SolidWorks Menu Bar and Features Toolbar

Combine Feature:

The Property Manager on the left side shows Operation Types where you can choose from add, subtract or common. Here we check the Add type of mode for merging the screw with the body by clicking the circle before it.

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Image 3: Combine Feature Operation Types and Bodies


Moving onto the next parameter, we have Bodies to Combine. Simply select the two bodies present i.e., the screw and its plastic housing, shown below and click the green tick mark. That’s it!



Image 4: Selection of Bodies to Combine


Image 5: Model Tree difference after Merging Bodies

The model tree has modified the bodies name to  Combine1 to indicate a whole highlighted single body. You can use the similar method to combine multiple body parts which you create using different methods but want them to be a single body for 3D printing purposes and much more. Thank you for reading and hope you come again to view other tutorials you want help learning.