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Indent Feature allows you to make changes to the shape of a solid body(target body) using another solid body(tool body).

Note: If the two solid bodies intersect with each other they should be unmerged in order to be considered as two separate bodies. It’s a condition for the indent feature to be applicable.


                        The merge box is unchecked

Notice that two solid bodies were created as a result of unmerging which is what we need.

To apply the indent feature:

You can access the indent feature from the insert-features drop-down menu.

Or you can add the indent feature to the features toolbar since it does not appear on it by default:

Right-click on the features toolbar and select customize, from the commands tab choose features, then drag the indent feature to the features toolbar.


When you apply the indent feature; you will need to select a Target body and a Tool body region.

When you select the tool body region you should be aware of the face you select for the tool because this defines the side of the tool you want to use.

In the parameters section, you can define the thickness of the indent and the clearance.


If you apply a section view you will be able to see the changes:

Notice the Keep selection option that is selected by default. If we select Remove selections instead; the indent feature will be applied on the lower part of the tool body to create a pocket underneath.