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How to offset entities in SolidWorks?

The Offset Entity is a sketch tool that helps you to make a copy of an existed sketch that is offset by a certain distance.

Let’s see how it works:

Firstly, draw a sketch, as shown in the figure below for example :

When you activate the Offset Entities tool; some options will appear in the property manager:

The first option is the offset distance. you can type the value you wish and then click the geometry you want to offset; this will result in a yellow-colored preview:

If you select the ” Select Chain ” box; the whole sketch offsets even if you only select a line of it.

If you don’t want to offset the whole sketch, uncheck this box:

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If you want to reverse the direction of the offset you can check the ” Reverse ” box:

Check the “Bi-directional” Box if you want to make the offset in both directions:

To close the sketch you offset from both directions; Check “Cap ends”

You can choose to close the sketch with either arcs or lines:

Another option that allows you to convert part of your sketch into construction geometry; where you can choose to convert:

1-Only the base geometry entities

2-Or the offset entities

3-Or both:




I will select OK to offset both.

If you want to change the offset dimension; You can double click the dimension and change it.

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Also, you can reverse the direction of the offset from the box that appears to you: