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Rapid Prototyping using SolidWorks


CAD modeling is a very important aspect of product design and development. In this fast-running work, people are working hard and fast to meet their goals. The world is changing so rapidly that every month we came across Innovations. Whether it is Automobile, construction, architectural building, or any other sector. They are giving upcoming, futuristic technologies which we have dreamed of.

In this article are going to see how we can use the offset plane command. Thus helping the designers in achieving the required geometry and shape.

In designing also there are some features available that help in doing smart work not hard work. Some features and shortcuts help the designer build the design in a faster way and in a quicker way. Rapid prototyping is one way in which a company showcases the design concepts and after that minor and major changes are been done according to the requirement. The feature we going to take about in this article is using smart fasteners in SolidWorks. To meet this rapid workflow the backend team also have to work hard. For example, every month brands are launching their vehicle with cutting-edge technologies. Developing this vehicle from designing to R&D to manufacturing takes effort and handwork. But to meet this demanding supply of goods in the market the company has to do smart work also.

Creating Offset plane in SolidWorks

There are two ways by which we can offset a plane in Solidworks

  • Offsetting by plane or,
  • Offsetting by face or surface of the model.

Creating an Offset plane using another plane

We are first going to see creating an offset plane using another plane.

First, go to Assembly Tab > Reference, and from the dropdown select Plane.

In PropertyManager you have to select the references for the new plane. For creating offset one reference is enough.

In the first Reference select the plane from which you have to create the offset. Under the first reference, you will see one option for Offset Distance. Select this option and give the offset value.

You can create several planes with the same offset and in series. Just below the offset distance option, you can give the number of planes to crate.

Creating Offset using part face or surface

Creating a plane from a face or surface is similar to that creating an offset plane from another plane. Starting steps will remain the same.

Go to Features tab > Reference > Plane.

Now in the first reference, you have to select the surface or face of the part. Then you can define the offset distance and number of planes.

You can change the direction of the offset plane as well. You will see on the check box Flip Offset, Just click select that your plane will offset in another direction.