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Revolved Boss Feature in Solidworks


In Revolve Boss Feature the solid model is created by revolving the sketch around an axis. Remember, once geometry has been created in your model, any flat face can be used as a sketching surface. We can also draw sketches on any plane or surface. The part created from Revolve boss feature is of the same profile around the axis. We can also decide the degree of revolution, direction, and also thickness of the revolving geometry if applicable. The part created by this feature is a solid model.

Using Revolve Boss Feature

Once the sketch has been completed, exit the sketch and activate the Revolved Boss command. Go to the Features tab of the CommandManager and Click on Revolve Boss. The PropertyManager that appears has many similar elements to the Extruded Boss, with a couple of key differences.

Axis of revolution

The axis of revolution can be the line in a 2d sketch or 3d sketch. We can also create the axis from the Reference command. The axis of revolution can be a construction line as well. To create a construction line, use the dropdown arrow next to the line command in the CommandManager and choose the Centerline tool. The direction is important and whereas length is not important for the axis of rotation.

Construction geometry can be used for several different operations but is not factored into the profile of a feature. It should also be noted that sketch dimensions are not restricted to the sketch itself. It is very common to apply a dimension between a sketch entity and a model edge.

End Conditions and revolving angle

You will find that by default the feature completes a full rotation through the model. To avoid adding material to the inside of the model, You can set the Direction 1 Angle from 1 to 360 degrees.

If necessary, use the Reverse Direction button to ensure that the material is added to the required design, shape, or geometry.

One more important aspect to note is the presence of the Merge Result option. This option is selected by default in the case when the revolving part is going through another part. This is applicable when the geometry is touching another geometry. So, This option ensures that the feature will be combined with existing geometry, rather than being created as a separate body. Outside of advanced techniques, this option should be left on, and will only appear for features that add material.

Revolving in Direction 2

This option opens the same parameters as we have discussed in the previous section. The only difference is the direction of revolving is changed in these options.

Thin Feature

This feature gives the thickness to the part created.

Creating Revolve Boss/Base

After Opening Revolve Boss/Base feature and Selecting the axis of Revolution. Give the revolve size and direction under the End conditions. Then, Click on OK.

Surface Revolve Feature

Revolve feature is also available in the Surface Tab. There you can revolve the sketch in the same way as we have discussed. The only difference will be that the geometry will not be solid, It will be a surface only and we can give the thickness to that surface. In that the feature is called Surface Revolve Feature.