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If you have been wondering how to make a sphere in SolidWorks, you are not alone. Although, creating a sphere is unusual to do in a mechanical design software, it is not difficult.

Let’s start by creating a new part and selecting a new sketch on one of the main planes.

In this case we will create a new sketch on a Right Plane.

Step 1: Select the Line tool and create a line on a plane.

To constrain the line properly (in this case construction line option was selected) apply the following constraints

  • add relation: Midpoint to the line and coordinate system center.
  • add relation: vertical to the line. This ensures that the line will be in vertical position


This is how the line looks after applying the constrains.



Step 2: Draw a circle from the center of the coordinate system and dimension the circle. In this case, circle is 2 in in diameter.

Step 3: Use Trim Entities command to trim one half of the circle.


You will be left with only half the circle and a centerline.



Step 4: Use Revolved Boss/Base command from the Features toolbar.


Click Yes on the following pop-up alert.

Revolve command will offer to rotate the arc 360 degrees around the centerline. This will also create a solid model. It will not be empty inside the sphere/ball.

Select the green checkmark to accept.

Congratulations, you have now created a sphere in SolidWorks.

If you do a cross-section of the sphere, you will see it is a solid body.