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Types of Section Views



These types of section views cut the model from a specified plane(s). The position of the plane(s) can be manipulated, but only a portion of the model will remain. This type of section view can be used to create a half or a quarter section view. The image below shows a quarter section view, it could be sectioned further by selecting a third plane.



This type of view cuts away the intersection of the selected plane(s). These types of section views cannot be saved as an annotation view.

Three planes are referenced for the three-quarter section below.

The position of the right plane can be altered, this can be used to section a portion of the assembly.

How to make a Section View

At least one reference is required to create a section view. The origin planes can be used by clicking the button or selecting the plane from the tree. Alternatively, any plane or face can be used as a reference for the section.

Offset and rotation values can be set manually from the section view properties, or they can be manipulated on screen using the mouse.

Exclude will omit a part or sub-assembly from the section, the selection can be made from the tree or by clicking on the components. Include is the exact opposite, the items selected are the ones that are sectioned. Selecting the body of the cylinder as a component to include will result in a section through the cylinder body only.

Section a Part or Assembly

For quick access while Modeling

Select “View orientation” to save the section view. The orientation of the model when saved, becomes the orientation when the view is selected. Use the View (Heads-up) toolbar to select any saved view.

For use in a Drawing

Section views can be saved in the model, for use in a drawing. When saving the section view, select “Drawing annotation view”. When the view is saved, another window will pop up where components can be excluded and the option for auto hatching can be selected.

Note: The drawing annotation view is not available for Zonal section views.

Drawing Section View

Insert Section from Model

A view saved as an annotation view can be used in a drawing. The parent view needs to be placed before the section view can be added.

Open the view palette to place these views, the parent view appears with a section line. In this case, the front view must be placed first.


Adding a Section View

Cutting Line – The first two options allow for placement of a vertical or horizontal cutting line. Use Auxiliary to create a cutting line at an angle.

The half section options create three-quarter section views. Views of this type will have a portion of the model removed, they are similar to the zonal sections.

Tip: Use 3D Drawing view to manipulate the orientation of a section view. This can assist in ballooning internal components.


Custom Section Line

A sketch can be created directly on a view. Only lines can be used to create the cutting line. Before selecting the section view command, select a line from the sketch. By selecting the line, the sketch will be used to create the section view.