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Why broken-out section?


Designing a 2-Dimensional drawing is a part of design engineering. The 2d drawings help the manufacturer to understand the part and dimensions related to the components. Many times the drawing does need to show the cut section of the part. So that the internal geometry is visible and proper dimensions are been marked.

Many a time reading drawing gets difficult as the same part is been drawing in 3- 4 ways. The reason for this will be the geometry in the internal section that needs to be well marked. Secondly, the internal geometry is not properly visible in the cut section view. Therefore, to limit this problem and lower the number of drawings of a single part this is done.

Broken out section is similar to the cut section view. But in the broken-out section, we need to define the region in which we have to show the cut section. Unlike in the section view, where the section of the part is seen which is exactly half of the part. So in some drawings, we prefer a broken-out section over a cut section view.

Creating Broken-out section

To create a broken-out section we need to open the part in the drawing. In the command manager click on Drawing then click on the Broken-out section.

After clicking on the Broken-out section select the region by clicking on the drawing sheet and drawing a profile. Give the dept if required or just click on OK. You will see the broken-out view of the selected region.

You can also Edit the region or drag the region we are drawing. By undoing the step or holding and pressing ctrl + z, you will see the region now you can drag it or make changes. Then again click on the Broken-out section and clicking ok will show the updated broken-out section.


There is one more method to create a geometrically correct broken-out section. As the region will be in the shape of a rectangle, a square, a circle, or any shape you want.

Click on the Sketch from Command manager then draw the region of any shape. Then click on the drawing and then click on the Broken-out section. The region will now be using in the broken-out section. You can edit the region like mention in the above steps. You can create more than one broken-out section.

Things to keep in mind

The projecting view must be correct and which broken-out section will be useful. The projection section should not be solid throughout or else it will show etching only. So the designer should understand the part and apply the broken-out section only where applicable. We should not use the broken-0ut section more or else it will make the drawing untidy.

After using the broken-out section command we need to define the parameters and dimensions. If we imagine multiple broken-out sections and dimensions on each section, this will create a mess. So it’s better to avoid multiple broken-out sections and dimensioning on each section.