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In design engineering creating a technical drawing is very important. These drawings are been read by the manufacturer or the engineer before creating the part. These technical drawings contain all the data of the part. Data like the material, dimensions, surface finish, treatment, and all the required views.

Sometimes it gets quite difficult to understand the drawings because the geometry is not fully seen in the standard views. So, in Solidworks drawing, we get on a feature known as Section view. This feature lets the designer show the cut section of the part, component, or assembly.

There are various options available that help to show the complex details in the component or assembly. Options like

  • Projected view
  • Auxiliary view
  • Section view
  • Removed view
  • Detail view
  • Relative view

Broke out section is also available which shows the view of the selected region.

In this article, we are going to learn about one specific view. The aligned view is a part of the section view. There are various option available in the section view that cuts the component and shows the internal view

  1. Vertical
  2. Horizontal
  3. Auxiliary
  4. Aligned

Aligned view

This view lets the designer show the section view in between the two legs set by the designer.

To use this view Open the component, part, or assembly in Solidworks drawing.

  • Click on file > Make drawing from part/assembly.

  • Select the type of sheet required and click OK.

  • Drag the view from the design library into the drawing sheet.

  • Click on the section view from the command manager.

  • Select the Aligned option.

  • On the drawing sheet first, define the center point then the first line follows by the second line. Click OK after setting the lines.

  • Place the section view created using the aligned option. Hold the shift key if you want to place the view in a different position.