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Why Technical Drawing or Drafting is important?


In Design Engineering creating a technical drawing of the parts is most important. Most Importantly because these drawings are been read by the manufacturer before manufacturing the part. This technical drawing contains all the important views which show the important design features and geometry with dimensions. The views that show in the technical drawings are known as Principal views. In the Principal view, the view of the part can be seen from the front, Left, Right, top, bottom, and rear sides.

Exploded View

Exploded View is one of the most important features in SolidWorks Assembly. This feature lets the user set the parts at a distance from the main body. This way it is easier to picture what parts are present in the assembly. Also, placing the part can be carried out by how this assembly is going to be assembled or disassembled. This way exploded view is formed. The Exploded view is used for better picturing the assembly and what all components are present in the assembly.

Explode view can also be used in Animation creation. The sequence of assembly and disassembly of the model can be seen using animation. You have to create Explode view first then only we can make the animation.

Exploded View in Solidworks Drawing

While creating the technical drawing of multiple parts it is recommended to provide the assembly drawing of the parts also. How the parts and components are going to assemble is shown with the help of Exploded View. Then each part and component are marked using labels and a Bill of material Table. Material property, quantity, serial number, etc. is there in the tabular form in the bill of the material table.

Creating Exploded view

Open the Assembly in the SolidWorks. Go to Assembly features tab and under CommandManager, Click on Exploded View.

In Exploded view Select the part and drag it in a certain direction or rotate the part about the axis. After completing the Explode view click on the OK.

We will now open this explode view in Drawing go to File > Make drawing from Assembly.

Select the Sheet size and format then click OK.

From Task Pan, Under the View palette select the Isometric Explode view. Click on it and draw it to the drawing sheet.

In PropertyManager You can set the orientation of the view, Display style, Scale, Dimension type, etc., then Click on OK. Explode view drawing is created in Solidworks.

Adding Annotations and Bill of material to the Assembly Drawing

To add balloon annotations go to Annotation in the features tab > Auto Balloon. You can also manually add the balloons to each part and then arrange the position of the balloon. After clicking on the Auto balloon option select the exploded view and under property manager click on OK.

To add a Bill of the material table go to, the Annotation features tab > Tables, and from the dropdown select Bill of Materials. Select the option in the property manager and Click on OK. Then you can place the Bill of materials on the drawing sheet.