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Why Projected view?

Projections methods help the designer to read the drawing of a 3d object more easily. The projected view is used in mechanical drawing. So, the part created by the designer is understood by the manufacturers. As pictorial view doesn’t display many details, unlike the Projected view.

Projected views are necessary as it shows the one to eight possible projections of an existing view. The projected view can show all the sides of the part when requires. The projected views are created by unfolding the sides of the existing part view.

In the projected view, we get various categories that show the same images but the arrangements are different. Like in first angle projection and third angle projection.

Creating a projected view in Solidworks

In the Drawing toolbar, you see the Projected view. Click on Projected View tool_Projected_View_Drawing.gif then Projected View Property Manager will appear.

In that cosmetic Thread, the display appears if your part has threads. Select any one option according to your requirement.

Then in the graphics area, select a view from which to project. You just have to move the pointer to the appropriate side of the selected view for direction selection.

As you move the pointer, you will see a preview of the view. You can align the drawing view. After clicking on the graphics area that particular view is projected there. You can also change the location of the drawing just by clicking on it and dragging the drawing.

You can make changes to the projecting drawings also. Just click on the drawing in you want changes and select the required features form the property manager.

Changes like

  • Orientation of the Drawing,
  • Mirroring the drawings
  • Display style
  • Scale
  • Dimension type

These are the main and very helpful features available. Many times some manufacturers also require the image of the part along with the drawing. So to get the images in the drawing sheet we use the style feature and we can create the image.

Sometimes the parts are small or very large to show on the proper drawing sheet. So, the scale option is used to make changes in the drawing. The scale option enlarges or reduces the size or dimensions of the drawing by given ratios.