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SolidWorks automatically applies a sheet scale to the drawing. It is determined by the first view added to the drawing. This tutorial will explain how to change the sheet scale.

SolidWorks Drawing Template


The SolidWorks drawing template will typically show a sheet scale of 1:1. Changing this value to 1:100, for example, has no impact on the sheet scale of a new drawing. The sheet format is automatically determined on the placement of the first view.

New Drawing

Adding views through “Model View”, “Standard 3 View” or using predefined views in the template, will all result in the same sheet scale. The orientation of the first view has no affect either.

To change the sheet scale, right click on the sheet and select “Properties”. The sheet scale can be changed from the sheet properties tab.

The drawing standard may specify recommended scales. In the case of BS 8888, the recommended scales are:

Ensure that the scale is large enough to dimension the item clearly. Include detail views to dimension items that are too small in the main view.


The parent view does not update after the sheet scale is changed. Confirm that scale is set to “Use sheet scale” in the view properties. The same may occur when multiple parts are dimensioned on a single sheet. Ensure each of the parent views are set to “Use sheet scale”.

The sheet scale has been changed, but projected views have not updated. Select the view(s) and confirm the scale set in the view properties. Views that are not set to “Use parent scale” or “Use sheet scale” will not update. The same applies to section views.

The scale of a detail view is set to 2x magnification, when it is created. Detail views that have already been placed will not change scale. New detail views will be set to 2x magnification, based on the new sheet scale.