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What is it


The sheet format contains everything related to the sheet/border. This can include the sheet size, drawing border, title block and anchor points for tables. Use the same title block for all sheet sizes, do not scale the title block.

The sheet format is saved as a .slddrt format, which is different than that of a drawing template. If changes are made to both the drawing template and the sheet format, they need to be saved individually.

Tip: Use blocks for items commonly placed in a drawing, custom view labels for example. The blocks will be accessible when creating drawings.

How to change it

In a Drawing

Right click on the sheet and select “Properties”, select the desired sheet format from the list or browse to a specific location. The current location is set to the SolidWorks default for all sheet formats, as a result all sheet formats will appear. To filter the list for the current standard, tick “Only show standard format”. Alternatively, browse to your templates folder and select the desired sheet format. Select “Apply Changes” to change the sheet format.

Editing the Sheet Format

Typically the drawing template and sheet formats are controlled by the administrator. The sheet format can be edited from within the drawing template or by opening the .slddrt file. Opening the drawing template, to edit the sheet format, ensures that the correct units are used in sketches.

Right click in the empty space of the drawing sheet and select “Edit Sheet Format”, from here you can:

  • Change the border
  • Change the Title Block
  • Create/Remove Blocks

To save changes made select “Save Sheet Format” from the File menu.

If changes have been made to the drawing template, click save to keep the changes made to the .drwdot file.