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Engineering drawing is one of the most important subdomains in CAD design. Generally, for product development when the CAD designs are ready the next job is to make the drawings to take them to the machinists and vendors. Drawings act as a communication between the CAD designers and machinists. They are meant to be clear and precise in order to avoid confusion and communicate design intent properly. The requirement of changing the font size may occur when working with long titled drawings and/or drawings containing too many dimensions or notes for the machinists.

Solidworks drawings are pretty user-friendly and give the users good flexibility to change the font style, and size and even format of the fonts.  Below I have included an image of a drawing for a plastic gear motor which shows only the outer dimensions of the product. As you can see in the title block of the drawing, the title of the drawing is misplaced and is oversize by default. Hence, it is not clear to the reader which parts drawing is he referring.


Changing the font size of the text in the title block

Let us first update the size of this title block’s fonts.

In order to do this, we will need to right-click on ‘Sheet Format 1’ in the feature manager tree (highlighted in yellow) and select the ‘Edit Sheet Format’ option.

Once we select the Edit Sheet Format the fonts can be formatted by simply double-clicking them and the formatting window will pop up as shown in the image above.

As it can be seen clearly we have moved the title to its correct position by simply dragging its bounding box in its activated state and also the size of its font is decreased according to the requirement. Note that Solidworks provides the user with multiple formatting options when it comes to fonts and it is pretty user-friendly.


Changing the font size of the dimensions

Now that the title block is done editing, we can proceed to edit the font size of a dimension. To do this click on the dimension > go-to property manager > select the tab named ‘Other’ > under the Dimension font section uncheck the Use document font option > press the font button.

A similar formatting window appears this time too where the user can edit the font size and also format the font as per requirement.

We have increased the size of the dimension successfully.