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How to edit title block in SolidWorks drawing?

The method used, to fill out a title block, depends on the attributes used in the sheet format. It will also depend whether assemblies and their  parts are contained in a single file. Some properties may be controlled though SolidWorks PDM.


Values linked with ‘ $PRPSHEET:”Custom property name” ‘ format, are linked to the custom properties of the part/assembly file. To fill out these sections, input the information into the custom property field of the part/assembly.


These links relate to the custom properties of the drawing. Fill out the custom property field in the drawing’s custom properties. Additionally, $PRP:”SW-…” link to specific SolidWorks properties of the drawing. Refer to the list below.

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Green – $PRPSHEET fields

Red – $PRP fields

Orange – Links to SolidWorks properties (Sheet scale/size, current sheet/total sheets).

Title Block Fields

“Title Block Fields” can be setup in the sheet format, this allows for manual entry. This is useful as the value is input to the corresponding custom property. Edit the field from the drawing by double clicking.

This title block was setup for use with PDM. The revision, approval information and status are filled out on state transition. The part information (Project, Reason for revision, etc.) are populated from the datacard.