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The title block contains the most information in the space of an engineering drawing. It is the key to understanding the artwork and the firm, and it includes all of the information necessary to interpret, identify, and archive the perspective drawing. The title block is usually found in the bottom right-hand corner of a page and includes the border and various sections for providing administrative and operational information. There is a need to learn about how to create a new title block in Solidworks, and after going through this blog, you can create title blocks that are neat and well structured. The ways of creating title blocks are as follows.

How to create a new title block in Solidworks

Title blocks are another method to build and add custom characteristics to a design or component in Solidworks. The title blocks allow you to create notes that you may quickly amend; the notes might be static text or related to attributes. Title blocks can be used while modifying the sheet format. The following steps explain the process of how to create new title blocks in Solidworks:

Step1: To create a title block in solid works, start by clicking FILE and clicking NEW in the dropdown to create a new template to work with. Immediately after clicking NEW, a popup display appears to pick either PART, ASSEMBLY, or DRAWING; click drawing to continue. Another method of starting the process of creating new title blocks in Solidworks can be in the FeatureManager design tree of a drawing. You can right-click Sheet Format and click Edit Sheet Format. After you click Edit Sheet Format, click Title Block fields.


Step 2: After you click DRAWING, a popup displays which prompts you to pick a sheet size for your template, and you can choose one of the given standard formats or decide to custom design your sheet size in the process of how to create a new title block in Solidworks.

Step 3: On the Sheet Format CommandManager, click Edit Sheet Format to build the title block table with all the required fields. You can click on SKETCH, and you can use the SMART DIMENSION, i.e., a combination of the rectangular and the line tools to configure the template border and design a rectangular box; this is essential when deciding how to create new title blocks in Solidworks. The rectangular box located at the template sheet’s bottom-right corner holds the title block data required for the drawing.   

 Step 4: After setting up the template border and designing the rectangular box, click on ANNOTATION and follow the NOTE command to fill in the necessary title block data. Create a title block table with all relevant fields and add text boxes to all of them using the Note command. Place the text box where you want the final text to appear. You may need to position them so that they’re in a column or the middle of each field. 

Step 5: You can add the text boxes prepared in the previous step to the title block table. The order of the chosen boxes is crucial, and for that reason, there is a set of up/down arrows on the left side of the selection space under “Text Fields” to rearrange the order of the selected text boxes. The sequence is crucial because the boxes could be filled out one after another, beginning with the first text field by pressing the “TAB” key.

You can configure the settings for scale, sheet number, and other drawing document-related information in the same way as the settings for any other drawing template. Finally, you can save the drawing template and sheet format using the green tick and use it again in the future.  Fully following these steps makes you know how to create a new title block in Solidworks.


The process of how to create new title blocks in Solidworks is relatively easy, and you only have to create a new template using the appropriate commands and configure the rectangular box designed in your template to hold the appropriate title block data. After creating your title block, you can save or use it later in the future for different other templates.