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Text can be rotated in SolidWorks. There are various options available, this will depend if you are editing a part/assembly or a drawing. This tutorial will cover rotation of text using various methods.

Part or Assembly


Use “Text” to add text to sketches, this is available from the sketch tab of the CommandManager. When adding text, select either an edge, curve or sketch entity, otherwise the alignment options are not available.

If an arc is selected, the text will follow the path of the arc. In the image below, the start/end points are constrained horizontally to the center of the hole. The text can be rotated by adjusting the positions of the start and end points of the arc.

Instead of an arc, a line or an edge can be used. If a line is used, adjust its angle as desired. In the image below, the text is centered on the sketch line. Without the line, the options for alignment are greyed out.

To avoid sketch errors, delete the text prior to deleting the sketch entity used as the “Curve” reference.

Words or individual letters can also be rotated. Use the format<r45> before, and <\r> after the word or letter to be rotated. The number is the angle of rotation.

Another option is to rotate the sketch itself. Refer the tutorial for “How to rotate a sketch in SolidWorks?” for additional information.


Notes can be added to drawings from the “Annotation” tab. Select the note and edit the angle shown in the property manager.

If blocks are used, they can be rotated. Select the block to be rotated, untick “Lock angle” and input a value.

Note: This will rotate the entire block and not just the text, if the block only contains text then there is no issue.