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What are Explode Line and Explode view?


Exploded Line

Explode line is a feature available in the SolidWorks assembly. Explode live are the lines which show the connection of the part. The lines are dash lines that connect two parts according to how they are going to assemble. We can manually connect the explode line from the main part to the sub-assembly part. There is one more option available in the Solidworks assembly “Insert/edit smart explode lines”. This feature automatically makes the explode line with respect to the parts. For this, the Explode views of the parts have to be done.

Exploded View

Exploded View is one of the most important features in SolidWorks Assembly. This feature lets the user set the parts at a distance from the main body. This way it is easier to picture what parts are present in the assembly. Also, placing the part can be carried out by how this assembly is going to be assembled or disassembled. This way exploded view is formed. The Exploded view is used for better picturing the assembly and what all components are present in the assembly.

Explode view can be used in Animation creation. The sequence of assembly and disassembly can be seen using animation. You have to create Explode view first then only we can make the animation.

Creating Exploded Line in SolidWorks

Open the Assembly in Solidworks. Set the assembly in Exploded view.

Setting Assembly in Exploded View

To make the Exploded view, Click on the Exploded view in Assembly Command manager.

Select the part which you want to move. You can move the part in any of the three directions. After dragging to the specific position click on Done in  Property Manager. You can give Specific distance and rotation also from the property manager. Then repeat the steps for the next parts. After completing exploded view click on Ok.

Creating Explode Line

Click on the Drop down arrow in Exploded View. You will see three options Exploded view, Explode Line Sketch, and Insert/edit smart explode lines.

We have to see Exploded view, now we will see the Explode line sketch. Click on the Explode Line sketch from the option. Select the surface, face, or edge of the two parts to which you want to add Explode line. After clicking you will the line highlighted between the parts that are our Exploded line.

The next option is Insert/edit smart explode lines. This option automatically adds the exploded lines to the part. Click on the option and it will highlight all the exploded lines. You can edit the direction and path by clicking on the arrow and pink point at the ends of the line. After making the changes click OK.

You can make changes to any of the features by going to the configuration manager. This gives an advantage to the designer to explain the assembly in this way.

This same exploded view can be now used for motion study or animation. If a designer wants to create a 360-degree view of the exploded view he can do that.