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Now we all know and use the famous PRINTSCRN key to take snapshots of the whole screen and edit them in whatever fashion we want. The purpose of that is to visualize some key moments and configurations which will prove beneficial for you later on. In big projects, these moments come too often. So there must be a tool that allows you to actively capture these crucial design steps. That is where SolidWorks Snapshot comes into play. This feature is available to use in SolidWorks to match your configurations for later viewing. We have a bicycle assembly as an example. To navigate to the Snapshots command, we go to the View option in the Menu Bar. Then proceed with the Display to Take Snapshot option. The shortcut for using this feature is Alt+Spacebar. This can also be used to do this quickly.


Image 1: Bicycle Assembly


Once you take the snapshot, it will be saved in a specific place. This is accessible as follows. You proceed to the Display Manager-Snapshots. Once you start taking these snapshots, you can manually rename them as well.


Image 2: Snapshots Navigation and Renaming


The usage of this command comes when you want to save a specific angle of an assembly or an exploded view. Saving that view for later use without ever to explode the assembly again is indeed the handiest thing this command can do. You can keep adding different configurations and diameters of a single part and view them later on the side by side while maintaining the original file. This is how you can take advantage of a command. Thank you for reading this tutorial and I hope you learned a lot. If you like it, then we have a lot of other ones on the website as well. So keep reading!