Home » How to remove purple funnel from my cursor in SolidWorks?

We all are plagued by the impossible when working peacefully. Suddenly something goes wrong so uncertain that we’re just extremely annoyed. One of these moments is the purple funnel that people come across in SolidWorks.

This is basically a selection tool that lets you organize and remove data in your graphics area as well as the drawing sheet. You can see this in the image below.


Image 1: Purple Funnel besides cursor


There is only one key you need to press to rid of this.  Just press F6 and the selection tool filter will go away from your screen. It is that simple.

An alternative way to do this is to manually find the purple funnel icon. This is a sort of deep method. What you do is that you press F5 and this opens up another filters tab on the bottom line. The purple funnel showing beside your cursor is the first option. Just go to that and click it to uncheck. The icon beside your cursor will disappear. These are the two ways you can turn off this cursor in SolidWorks.


Image  2: Filter selection

These kinds of anarchies pop up once in a while but there are always sure-fire ways to deal with them. Read our articles to establish a good command of SolidWorks. Hope you found this article helpful.