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There was a previous article about creating an exploding view in SolidWorks. Also, you can edit the already made exploded view to introduce new part rotations and translations. Or maybe your supervisor didn’t like the way one part inclined and wants that angle changed to the way he likes. Here we learn how to make that change while editing the model tree of the exploded view. Again taking the part for example as we did before. It is visible on the left side of the below image in the model tree third tab of the ConfigurationManager. Under that, our saved exploded view is the third option. We right-click it and proceed to Edit Feature to edit the exploded views.


Image 1: Editing Feature


Edit Feature:

The first box is the explode steps which you created in the same sequence. To edit these in any way whatsoever, click on the first one as shown in the image. It will give you a list of included components in the second box. The third black box indicates the dimensioned distance which we have assigned earlier. Change this to any desired value to implement the distance. Next comes the direction. You can just click any of the direction vectors to select that direction and the distance will automatically be applied in that direction once you click Done.


Image 2: Exploded Steps Editing


Image 3: Selection of Different Axis


Image 4: Axis of rotation and translation changed

To change the rotation of any component, you either have to change the direction of the exploded axis and then rotate it in that desired axis. Or you can add another step with only rotation of the components in any desired axis. The latter option is the only possible solution mostly since we translate in one axis and wish to rotate in an entirely different axis.

So you can add components as well or remove them by editing the components box which is the 2nd black box in referenced Image no. 2. Once done with removing, adding, rotating and translating components, just click the green tick mark to save your progress. The changes will be applied. Your new exploded view is ready! Improve it more with more revisions as required. These are the only steps you need to edit any exploded view created. Make sure to read the other articles on this website to gain maximum knowledge! Till we meet next time. Keep reading on.