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How to edit step file in SolidWorks?

In a previous tutorial the options for importing STEP files were explained. This tutorial will cover the import process, and the use of FeatureWorks to recognize features.

Download 6039K14, a support rail for a 3/4″ shaft, from www.mcmaster.com to follow along. Select the 3-D STEP as the file type.

After opening the file, SolidWorks will prompt to run import diagnostics, select Yes. This file does not contain any errors, exit out of import diagnostics.

The link to the step file can be broken, right click on the part reference and select “Dissolve Feature”

If the file is only used as reference and won’t be edited, there is no need to proceed further.

SolidWorks has the option to recognize features, enable featureworks from the SolidWorks add-Ins. right click on Imported1 and select “FeatureWorks” – “Recognize features”.

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Recognition can be set to automatic, for this tutorial the interactive option will be used. When using the recognize feature, select the features in the reverse order to which you would model. Set the Feature type from the drop down, select the entities and click recognize to complete recognition of a feature. In the example below, all of the Feature Types are “Standard features”.

First select the fillet features, then the holes, finally the extruded profile. The holes on the bottom flange will be a single feature, tick “Recognize pattern” and “Rectangular”. Do the same for the holes through the rail, select “Linear” instead. Finally, select the front face as the profile for the extrude. Upon clicking recognize the following window will appear:

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Click the green check mark to complete the process.

Check whether sketches and features are fully defined or not. If they are not, fully define them.

The result is a SolidWorks part file that can be edited.