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DXF is short for Drawing Exchange Format. Many Sites define it as Drawing Interchange Format and are a type of vector file. The DXF file format is used for 2D and 3D drawings during Component or product design. DXF files use the .DXF extension and are completely open-source. DXF files are supported in several 3D applications, so it is easy to share designs across different CAD software.

We can import the DXF file into SolidWorks in two ways: –


The first way is applicable when you are not into the “New part design”

First, you have to click Open or File > Open.

In the Open dialogue box, set Files of type to DXF, browse to select a file and click Open.

In the DXF Import Wizard, select an import method, and then click Next to access Drawing Layer Mapping and Document Settings.

Importing Layers from .DXF Files

When importing a .DXF file as a 2D sketch for a part, you can create a new sketch for each layer in the file.

  • Select Import each layer to a new sketch.
  • Select other options and click Next or Finish.

Defining the Sketch Origin and Orientation on .DXF Import

When importing a .DXF file as a 2D sketch for a part, you can define the model origin and orientation.

  • Click Define Sketch Origin and click a point in the sketch preview to define the origin.
  • Adjust the origin values and click Apply.
  • To change the model orientation about the origin, select Rotate about the origin and enter the angle of rotation.
  • Select other options and click Finish.

Click Finish on any of the three screens to import the file.




The second way is applicable when we are in the “New part design”. In New part design means when you go to “New > part design”

  • Select the plane on which the DXF file will be inserted.

  • Then you have to click on Insert > DXF/DWG.

  • Browse the file and select it and click OK.


Follow the steps in the pop-up screen “DXF/DWG Import

Select Import to part as a 2D sketch or 3d curves or model according to the design. If it’s 2d Drawing then go for a 2D sketch and if it’s a 3d part select the 3d curves or the model option. After selecting click on next.

Select the required option like Unit of imported data. Wants to import the constraints and dimensions. After selecting click

Then click on finish.

The file will be opened in the SolidWorks in the part design window.