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While working on a design or model, sometimes the designer needs to send a picture of the Design or model. The picture can be asked by the senior designer, manufacturer, or to whom it may be considered. It is not an option to take a picture from a mobile phone and send it to the concerned person. As this is not a professional way to send the image. Also, the image quality and clarity are not good by sending the screen image as it shows pixels of the display. To generate a clear image of the model or what is shown on the screen. We can use the Screen Capture option in Solidworks. Solidworks can also save the model or design file as a JPEG or JPG file.

Using Screen Capture Option


The screen capture option in Solidworks has two options. You can select “Image capture” and “Recode video” according to your requirements.

Using Image Capture

This option will take a screenshot of the graphics area. Using this option will save the image to the clipboard and now you can paste it where ever you want.

Go to View > Screen Capture > Image Capture.

The image is now saved to the clipboard. To paste the image Right click in the folder or document where you want to save the image and click on Paste.

You can change the background of the graphics area and change the environment. You can see these graphics settings in the image as well.

Using Record Video

This option will create the video by capturing the graphics area. Whatever you will do in the graphics area you can see that in the video. This option will generally help when you want to explain the model or design. We can also use this option to create a video on how to create the part or model. The main drawback is we cannot record the features tab, and command manager in this video.

Go to View > Screen Capture > Record Video…

Now you have to define the file location where it is going to save. File name, the resolution of the video, Aspect ratio, Video file format, FPS, etc. After selecting the options click on Save.

The Recording will start. Now whatever you will do in the graphics area will be recorded.

To stop the recording you can go to View > Screen Capture and Click on Stop Recording. Or you can find the option of Stop Recording above the Command Manager.


Saving File as Image

There is one more way by which we can save the model image. Solidworks have one file format option available which is JPEG.

Go to File > Save as.

Select browse the saving location, and give the name to the image. In file format, using dropdown select JPEG (*.jpg) and then click on Save. The image will save in the location.

You can use third part applications as well to take the screenshot of the graphics area. Windows have preinstalled application which is Snipping Tool. Using this software you can crop the area which you want to save as an image.