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How do I send my 3D model for my client to view? That must be the million-dollar question on your mind. Imagine this, you have spent your time and energy creating an Oscar-worthy 3D model, and you want to present your masterpiece in 3D rather than a boring 2D drawing. You want your client to be able to interact with the model, see the intricacies of the part, check inner details in section view, etc. Then your client says, “I don’t wish to download any of your CAD software. Just send me a PDF”.

Now, you must find another means of displaying your artistry without your client missing any detail. Good news, 3D models can be exported as a 3D PDF model in Solidworks with just three (3) simple steps.

Step 1: Import or open your model (part or assembly) in Solidworks. On the top left corner of the user interface, hover over the Solidworks icon to reveal more options. Go to File –> Save as.

Step 2: Once you click on “Save as”, a window shows up. You can navigate to the location you wish to save your 3D PDF. Click on the “Save as type” dropdown and select Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Next, check the “Save as 3D PDF” box and select “Save”.

Step 3: Voila! Your 3D PDF is saved. Upon opening the file, you would be able to interact with the model by rotating it to see a complete 360 degrees view.

Now, send it to your client and let her appreciate your work of art.