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What is SolidWorks?


If you are into Mechanical Design or other relevant domains, you might have heard about SolidWorks. Today we have numerous Computer-aided Design software in the market. Companies like Autodesk, Dassault Systems, PTC, etc. are developing such Software. Dassault system bought SolidWorks in 1997. Initially used for project management, planning, visual ideation, modeling, feasibility evaluation, prototyping, and feasibility assessment.

You can use SolidWorks to make a solid model. Dassault has developed many subsidiaries of the software. You also have a CAM tool, which is a much bigger addition in its features. Apart from Solid modelling you now get many options like Sheet metal, surface, and Molding tools. In CAM you also get a tolerance-based machining option for better accuracy. SolidWorks is a combination of CAD, CAM, and Simulation. It is a perfect tool that one needs to carry out Computer-based engineering work.

SolidWorks is one of the best software for Students and anyone new to this concept. Today the software is not only limited to mechanical engineering and is becoming multidisciplinary software. If you have to manage devices, analytics, data automation, and cloud services, you also use SolidWorks here. In the field of electrical engineering also you can use this software.

What is Configuration Manager?

Configuration Manager    is meant to create, select, and view multiple configurations of parts and assemblies in a document. Configurations lets you create multiple variations of a part or assembly within a document. It also provides a convenient way to design and manage the families or iterations of models with different dimensions, components, and other parameters.

You can split the ConfigurationManager, and combine the ConfigurationManager with the feature manager design tree.

The icons in the ConfigurationManager denote how the configuration was created

Manual configuration.
configuration with a design table.
Manual configuration and has an explode state or a derived configuration.
configuration with a design table, and has an explode state or a derived configuration.

There are additional icons

The data set for the configuration is full and up-to-date.
The full data set for the configuration will be generated the next time you save the document.

To see the configuration of a part or assembly in the PropertyManager. You do not have to open a configuration to see it, which saves time in complex parts and assemblies.

  • Right-click on the configuration you want to preview and select Show Preview.
  • Click anywhere in the graphics area to hide the preview.

Use Configuration Manager

To use the ConfigurationManager and design configurations of the models. Before creating the configuration you should design or open the parts and assembly. In property panel, the third Icon   is the option of ConfigurationManager. Click on the Configuration option.

You will see the tree which will show the default configuration. Right, Click on Configuration, and Select Add configuration.

Now give the name, description, and comment to the configuration and click OK.

You can add multiple configurations to it and can view them to figure out which design meets the requirement.

To see the configurations double click on that particular configuration.

Adding Exploded view in configuration

We can add Exploded view in the configuration of the assembly. Just Right-Click on the configuration of which you want to create the exploded view.

Give the positions and be directed to the Explode view and after completion click on OK.