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This tutorial uses the part created in “How to do a bend in sheet metal in SolidWorks?”. If the flat pattern does not appear with bend lines or there are too many lines, there a few things to troubleshoot.

Bend Lines not Visible


Check that the drawing view properties are correct. When placing a view manually, select “(A) Flat pattern” from “Orientation”-“More Views”.

If this does not work, check the “Bend-Lines” sketch in the flat pattern is visible.

This will solve the issue of the bend lines not showing, however, hiding the sketch removes the bend notes. To enable the bend notes tick the box in the view properties.

If neither of the above have worked, check the visibility settings and ensure sketches are visible.

Extra Lines Visible

There are two reasons that this occurs. If the extra lines are solid and appear on both sides of the bend line, check the flat pattern properties to confirm “Merge Faces” is selected.

If this has not solved the problem, confirm that the sketches of all sheet metal features have been hidden.


The fabricator will likely calculate the dimensions of the flat pattern, taking into account their bend allowances. If this is the case, provide the overall dimensions of the part as well as the flange dimensions/positions.

The example below includes the flat pattern dimensions and bend positions.