Home » How to show hidden lines in SolidWorks Drawings?

SolidWorks drawing is the representation of any part in a 2D sheet. A 2D sheet should contain all required information about the part in detail. When we make a 2D sheet we need details about the edges and faces that might be hidden or visible. In SolidWorks, we do get options of making the hidden visible on the sheet. This article will go through the steps required to make the hidden lines visible.

  1. Open a new 2D new sheet in SolidWorks. Importing part directly into the sheet.
  2. Now insert the views of the part i.e., Front, top, etc. views.
  3. By default, the hidden lines are not visible. Hence you need to change the setting from the property manager.
  4. Select the parent view i.e., top view in this case. 
  5. In the property manager “Drawing view” setting opens.
  6.  Then choose the go-to display style tab in the setting. 
  7. Now choose any of the two options on the left based on your preference. If you want hidden lines to be dotted then choose the 2nd option or else the 1st one. 
  8. After choosing the option you can easily see the change in the drawing view.
  9. Finally, click on them to confirm.



Here you can see the difference between the two options. The right one has dotted hidden lines where as in the left one there are no hidden lines.