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In this tutorial, we will be looking at sketches where we use the split line command. It is a fairly necessary feature to take advantage of when editing certain lines to either make multiple faces, outlines for mold design or simply to create complex 3D sketches.

For example, take the part below into consideration. It’s a solid body. We want to create a split face on a spherical body or cylindrical body. We go to the Features tab and navigate to Curves on the CommandManager. Click it and it gives the Split Line tool as shown in the following image.


Image 1: Command Manager




The next thing you do is click on the first option silhouette. Use this when you have to intersect cylindrical or spherical object and divide them into two faces for mold design. In the first box, the direction of pull is specified. You can choose any plane from the right side model tree. We take 1st option which is a front plane. After that, the option automatically asks the next box which is the Faces to Split. Here you select the body which we want to split. So far so good! The first option produces the result as below in Image no.3.


Image 2: Silhouette Option


Image 3: Split Faces due to Silhouette




This next option is used to project a sketch onto a face or any body. Its application is quite common and the most used of the three options in Split Line. This is to make faces in bodies where you can control what and how much area you want to split using this feature. The sketch that you make in that plane opposite to the place is for maybe putting a force during a simulation or just sketch onto that face.

Using this feature, we have to select a sketch which I premade for this splitting this sphere however I wish. Once you select the sketch in the first option, which is the sketch you want to project, it will highlight. Moving onto the next option, we simply select the body for Faces to split. The option below is for only splitting in one direction of the body, otherwise, it will apply the split face on both sides of the body. Then you click ok and it applies the split face, as you sketched, onto the body.


Image 4: Projection Option


Image 5: Split Faces due to Projection Sketch



This is the last of the three commands used. It basically uses the present body to create an intersection split in the faces using a spline sketch or a surface or solid. You will understand when you look at the example below. There is a surface intersecting the body in a spiral in the example. We would like to use this Intersection option to split the body into two faces in a spiral which is not possible with either of the two previous options.

This will be clear in a few steps. First, select the intersection option. Secondly, select the body to split which is the circle. Thirdly. select the spiral. Now the preview shows up which can be used to make a 3D sketch and onto the sphere as well.


Image 6: Spiral Swept Surface Intersecting the Sphere


Image 7: Preview


Image 8: Blue line Intersecting Split Line


That is all the three types of split line used to project onto faces to split into multiple faces. That is all for now. For another tutorial, keep scrolling and searching here on this website.  Thank you for reading and keep reading on!