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How to make a simple mold in SolidWorks?

While doing Design for casting or making a replica of a cast we need a mold. Making a simple mold design in SolidWorks is very easy. For making a mold there is more than one method in SolidWorks.

Firstly we are going to make a mold in a part file using a combine feature. In this method, we won’t use any Mold Tool.

The Steps to Making a simple mold are as follows:

  1. Make part in such a way there is a midplane passing through its center.
  2. the second step is to make a rectangle on the midplane.
  3. While extruding the rectangle make sure to untick the option of “merge result”.
  4. Now go to insert and use the combine feature to make a mold.
  5. Now While using the combine option use subtract option.
  6. Choose the rectangle as “Main body” and the part as the body to subtract.
  7. Click on Okay to finalize the operation.
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Note: This is not the only method to make a simple mold. You can either make it in an assembly or can also use “Mold tools” .  Above is the easiest way possible to make a mold for any given body. This can easily work for simple bodies. For Complex bodies using the mold tools is recommended.