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Why is there a need for Weldment cut lists?


Designing and manufacturing the component is a systematic process that is followed in every industry. But one thing that comes in between this is the material selection, material type, and quantity of material. These are important as well as necessary steps to know the material quantity and type. A purchase engineer needs to look for the availability of the material without giving extra money.

The products are manufactured in small quantities to very large numbers. Keeping the raw material cost less definitely keeps the overall cost of the final product. The customers go for the cheap product of good quality as compared to the other available similar products.

So, for a company, it is very necessary to keep track of these factors also. In Solidworks, you have one feature which generates the data in tabular form. Data like martial type, length, thickness, and area of the material. The assembly which is inserted in the drawing sheet was labeled using balloon marks and accordingly, it is listed in the table. This table and drawing are known as Cut List.

We are going to see how to create a weldment cut list and edit it.

Creating Weldment Cut List in SolidWorks

Open the Weldment design of which you want to create cultist and 2d drawing. Now click on the file > Make drawing with part/assembly.

We will come in a drawing interface. Select the sheet format and size then click OK.

Now we have to drag the drawing to the sheet with an adequate view. Make changes like scale, Display Style, etc. from the property manager.

We will inter the Cut List table. Go to Insert > Tables > Weldment Cut list. Then select the drawing face. On the left side under the property manager look for the specific changes you want and then click on OK. On the mouse pointer, you will see the Table floating with the mouse. Click 0n the sheet where you want to place the table. You can change the position, and dimension of the table afterward also.

Make changes to the table

Many a time user wants to add additional details and descriptions to the table. So to do so we should know how to edit the table. Adding custom properties and font style will add more value to the cut list. While sending quotation this cut list will give the major requirement of the material.

Changing font style

Click on the cut list. Select the rows and columns of the table and right-click on them. Now, you can make changes to the table font, like highlighting it or selecting different font styles, size of the font, etc.

Adding full forms

Left-click on the alphabet on top of the table. On left under the property manager select the custom property.

Adding new Column

Right-click on the last Alphabet on the top of the table and select Insert > Column Right/Left. Select the newly created column and from the property manager select the column property you want to show in that column. Then select the custom property from the drop-down.