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How to add Bill of Materials to SolidWorks drawing?

A 2D drawing sheet is a medium using which engineers communicate. The 2D sheet needs to carry a lot of information about the part. Apart from part dimensions it also contains other information. These pieces of information can be material, process, tolerances, etc. You need to understand the importance of a 2D sheet. In any manufacturing industry, a 2D sheet is the starting point.

Out of all the information a 2D drawing sheet, also consist of information about the materials. The bill of material is a tabulation of the materials in use. For any given part this tabulation indicates its material.

In this article, we will learn the about the steps to add a bill of material (BOM) to a sheet. The steps are as follows:

  1. Open the drawing sheet of the assembly/part.
  2. Now go to Annotations.
  3. Then Choose the table drop-down.
  4. As soon as the drop-down opens choose the “Bill of materials”.
  5. When you click on the bill of material option make sure you have selected any view.
  6. After clicking the option you will see that in the property manager new window opens.
  7. Click on Ok to generate the Bill of materials.
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Note: If you have assigned materials to each part it would have automatically appeared.