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How to change material in SolidWorks?

Let’s learn how to change material in SolidWorks! Changing material in SolidWorks influences the mass properties of the part. More dense materials will make the part weight more. Also, some materials require painting before being used in a product, which will increase the cost.

Here is the example of the FeatureManager design tree showing a part with a Plain Carbon Steel as a material.



If you right-click on the displayed material a new menu will open-up with options on how to change the material.

If the material you are looking for is displayed on this menu, you can select it with a mouse. If it is not, select Edit Material option which will open the following screen.

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On the left-hand side you can browse materials and find the one you need. For quick search you can use the search bar. This will quickly filter all available materials.

In the above example typing in T6 will find all aluminum material with a T6 in the name of the material.

Selecting the material that you want and clicking on the Apply button will change the material used in the part. Click Close to close the screen.

Here is the new material selected in the FeatureManager Tree.