Home » How to find volume of a part in SolidWorks?

Finding the volume of ant parts in SolidWorks is an easy task. In SolidWorks, you are provided with the tool to evaluate any design for different parameters. Calculation of any given dimension is possible due to the measure tool. We can use “evaluate” tools to measure a ton of properties in SolidWorks. You can find the value of the Volume in the mass properties window, but it indicates the volume of material used.

To check the volume of material used in the part, follow these steps.

  • Go to “evaluate”.
  • Now click on “mass properties”.
  • A window will open. Where you can find the value of volume.

Note: In this, you do not get the volume of any hollow part. For getting the internal volume of any part you need to do a little extra work. The steps for that are as follows:

  • First make two reference planes.
  • Next Go to insert < features < Intersect.



  • Now in intersect choose the plane and the body and choose “Create internal regions”.


  • Then click on Intersect to preview the region.


  • Finally, click on “ok”.

Following the above steps, you have successfully created the internal region. To measure the Volume simply in the command manager go to “evaluate”. Now click on the mass property to finally get the new volume.